Fiddlerz Blocks Train Rally Electric Toy Set wity Bulding Blocks Multicolor – 60 Pieces (Battery Included)

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Key Features:

  • Build your desired domino race track with 60 pieces of colorful plastic blocks
  • Fill the plastic blocks and start the train to lay your domino trail that add more drama to the domino racing game
  • Designed to engage kids in their early STEM development

Brand – Fiddlerz
Type – Building Blocks
Age – 3 Years+
Product Dimensions – L 33 x B 23 x H 8 cm 
Material – Plastic

Product Description:
Super fun for your kids to play! Push one and watch the chain effect of the dominoes tumbling over like a race. See whose domino row runs down to the end fastest. Kids can assemble it into different kinds of models according to their imagination as well. Put the dominoes into the card clip and then put it on the train. The train will move forward and lay dominoes automatically while twisting left and right slowly. Our Domino Train Blocks Set is made of high quality plastic which is, no BPA or any other harmful substances. This set is suitable for children.

Items included in the Package:
1 Train Engine with 60 dominoes