Frantic Premium Quality Furr Cherry Rabbit Soft Toy Butter – Height 26 cm

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Key Features:

  • Keeps kids playful for long hours
  • Made with quality material, safe for kids
  • Washable soft toy
  • Super soft fabric
  • Imported Filled Fibre

Brand – Frantic
Type – Soft Toy
Age – 12 Months+
Material – Imported Fabric
Product Dimension – L 26 x B 14 x H 10 cm
Package Dimension – L 26 x B 14 x H 10 cm
Weight – 250g

Product Description:
Super soft and fluffy material creates a truly huggable Toy that any child will love. A big chubby Toy made up of non-toxic plush fabrics and filling material is fibre.This is a universal love gift which can be gifted for any and all occasions including valentine’s day, mother’s day, father’s day, birthdays, proposals, engagements, anniversaries, weddings, be used as “get well soon” events, thanksgiving, easter day, memorial day etc. 

Items included i the Package:
1 Soft Toy
Country of Origin: India