King of Beasts Tiger Table Accent

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Feng Shui Decor for the Strong!

The King of Beasts Tiger Table Accent is a gorgeous piece that will act as a statement of your decor. The small yet impactful decor item is going to wow all guests. Plus, being a part of the Feng Shui philosophy, this tiger showpiece is going bring your strength and valor! Our table accent takes inspiration from the Ancient Chinese culture, where tigers were known as the king of the beasts.


  • Dimensions: Total L- 30.6cm, Total H- 13.9cm
  • Material: Resin
  • Technique: Hand-cast with crushed stone and bonded with resin
  • Cast and Gold options
  • Clean design and elegant look
  • High quality
  • Sturdy
  • The King of Beasts Tiger Table Accent is perfect to be placed in homes, offices, restaurants, and store windows
  • Pair the statue with gorgeous golden home decor items for an enhanced look
  • The statue can be placed in the living room alongside your remotes and set-up box
  • The deep black color of the statue will work in a superb way with contrast colors like white
  • Place the King of Beasts Tiger Table Accent in your home office display space with files