The Amoghasiddhi Buddha Statue

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Know What This Product Expresses

The Amoghsiddhi Buddha, often depicted in green colour, signifies fearlessness – a quality which is essential to living a spiritual life. The colour also represents peace & tranquility. It is a recipe for emotional health – soothing anxiety & promoting Abhaya (Fearlessness). Your spirited personality helps you to grow out of your comfort zone and face your fears. You are not afraid of rejection as it feeds your ambitions and pushes you to accomplish great things. Meditate on this color to conquer your fears and turn them into your power by placing our Amoghasiddhi Buddha Statue in your home.


Material: Resin
Suitable for: Indoor as well as Outdoor Placement
Dimensions (cm): 44(H) x 26(L) x 22(B)
Weight(kg): 3.2