The Healing Spirit Buddha Statue – 1.1 Feet

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Know What This Product Expresses

Associated with the Akshobhya Buddha, the healer, a Blue Buddha represents compassion, ascension, and purity. Following the learnings of Buddha, you strive to be selfless, righteous, and empathetic. You bring a sense of ease to those around you and invigorate them to surpass their limits. Your highest priority is to be loving to yourself and to those around you. You strongly believe that we are all One. Kindness is your guiding light –  kindness towards yourself, towards others, towards animals and towards everything on this beautiful planet. Place this alluring Buddha statue facing the main entrance of your home to capture the essence of spirituality, to create a pious zone of tranquility in your living space and to spread love and joy!


Material: Resin
Suitable for: Indoor Placement
Dimensions (cm): 35(H) x 34(L) x 19(B)
Weight (kg):  2.5