The Scintillating Reindeer – Porcelain Table Showpieces (set of 2)

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Know What This Product Expresses

Cleverness and creativity define you and your sensibility. You are gifted with the gem of knowledge and you wish to share the wisdom with the world. Your innovatory tendency is what makes you stand out from the herd. There is nobility and an eye for revolution within you, but on the outside, you reflect composure and calmness. You are drawn to the simplicity of the world around you, while at the same time, you desire to use your wand of inventiveness on it. Striking a balance of subtlety and spirited, you bring forth a charm that is unmissable and timeless. Present the Scintillating Reindeer in your living space as an ideal showpiece that stands for your personality.


Material: Porcelain with 100% hand-painted design
Dimensions (cm): Big – 36(H) x 22(L) x 8(B); Small – 26(H) x 22(L) x 8(B)
Weight (kg): 1.6